While we are broadly discussing the Advantages of Big Data, AI, Machine Learning for Betterment of Human Race, but the other Face of Coin is hard to ignore. Mind you there is widespread interest in what Data Science can do as a Tool of Destruction for Future Warfare.

What we have seen in Avengers age of ultron Movie may seem bit dramatic and futuristic but Future of Destruction awaits!

Washington Post reports that The Pentagon is increasingly focused on the notion that the might of U.S. forces will be measured as much by the advancement of their algorithms as by the ammunition in their arsenals.

And so as it seeks to develop the technologies of the next war amid a technological arms race with China, the Defense Department has steadily increased spending in three key areas: artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, according to a recent report.

Report at source says:

AI applications will be the primary drivers of an emerging military-technical revolution. The U.S. can either lead the coming revolution, or fall victim to it.

Introduced by former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Hon. Robert O. Work, Govini’s AI, Big Data and Cloud Taxonomy uses decision-grade information to analyze technologies critical to AI. By so doing, the analysis shows how the DoD is prioritizing AI and the Third Offset Strategy.


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