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    c {base}
    Combine Values into a Vector or List
    This is a generic function which combines its arguments.

    The default method combines its arguments to form a vector. All arguments are coerced to a common type which is the type of the returned value, and all attributes except names are removed.

    The Better example is here:-(Via r-tutor.com)

    Combining Vectors
    Vectors can be combined via the function c. For examples, the following two vectors n and s are combined into a new vector containing elements from both vectors.

    > n = c(2, 3, 5)
    > s = c(“aa”, “bb”, “cc”, “dd”, “ee”)
    > c(n, s)
    [1] “2” “3” “5” “aa” “bb” “cc” “dd” “ee”

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