Month: November 2017

Rinalytics Advisors Data Scientist-Machine Learning Interview Questions

Please share Rinalytics Advisors Data Scientist-Machine Learning Interview Questions. They specifically want candidates who Should have strong experience in Applied Statistics/Mathematics. Demonstrated success in real-time data infrastructures that process large volumes of data. Experience building algorithms /predictive modeling and analysis systems using Neural Networks, Data Mining, and Machine Learning methodologies, especially familiarity with regression and clustering analysis....

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Genpact Business Analyst SAS Profile interview questions

Genpact Business Analyst for SAS Profile Interview process may start with a Telephonic round where basic SAS Programming skills will be checked and then it will be followed by Tace to Face Tech & HR round interview.   SAS Profile interview questions Basic Programming skill questions such as various character manipulation functions. Name of All procedures you used (Proc...

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