Month: September 2017

What is p-value? How to Find it in SAS?

The p-value provides an estimate of how often we would get the obtained result by chance if in fact, the null hypothesis is true. The P-value approach involves determining “likely” or “unlikely” by determining the probability — assuming the null hypothesis were true — of observing a more extreme test statistic in the direction of the alternative hypothesis than the one observed. If the P-value is small, say less than (or equal to) α, then it is “unlikely.” And, if the P-value is large, say more than α, then it is “likely.” If the P-value is less than (or equal to) α, then the...

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SAS Character Functions quick revision for Interview

  use a LENGTH statement to set the desired length of a character variable use the concatenation operator (| |) to join two or more character strings use the COMPBL function to convert multiple blanks in a character string to a single blank use the COMPRESS function to remove characters from a string use the VERIFY function to check that certain values are present in a character variable use the TRIM function to remove the trailing blanks from a character string use the SUBSTR function to select a subset of consecutive characters from a larger string use the SUBSTR...

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SAS Stats/ SAS Data Science Topics

Commonly Used Statistical Procedures in SAS PROC MEANS   There are over 30 different statistics you can request with the MEANS procedure.  If you don’t specify any options, PROC MEANS will print the number of non-missing values, the mean, the standard deviation, and the minimum and maximum values for each variable.   The VAR statement specifies which numeric variables to use in the analysis. If it is absent, SAS uses all numeric variables.   If you use the PROC MEANS statement with no other statements, then you will get statistics for all observations and all numeric variable in your...

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Base SAS and SAS Programmer Interview Questions and Tips

Base SAS and SAS Programmer Interview Questions and Tips-Top  SAS Interview Questions & Answers 1.Difference between do while and do until 2.Proc Report Vs Proc Print 3.Proc Append 4.SAS Formats Vs SAS Informats 5.Special input delimiters 6.Default statistics Displayed for Proc Means  7.Proc Means Vs Proc Freq Vs Proc Univariate 8.Compress data set using system options or data set options (COMPRESS=yes or COMPRESS=binary) 9.How to Compress a Table in SAS? 10.CROSSLIST option in  TABLES statement? 11.How would you delete Observations(Duplicate observations)? Proc sort……nodups; proc sql..use distinct in Select 12.What is Tabulate.?Why we use it.? Which type of output we get from Tabulate.? 13.In...

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