Month: June 2017

What happens when SAS Detects a Data Error?

What happens when SAS Detects a Data Error? What does get written to SAS log? SAS log: •a note that describes the error •a list of values that are stored in the input buffer •a list of values that are stored in the program data vector Note that the values that are listed in the program data vector include two variables that are created automatically by SAS: _N_ counts the number of times the DATA step iterates._ERROR_ indicates the occurrence of an error during an execution of the DATA step. The value that is assigned to the variable _ERROR_...

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What Is SAS? SAS Interview Questions

SAS is a set of solutions for enterprise-wide business users and provides a powerful fourth-generation programming language for performing tasks such as these: •data entry, retrieval, and management •report writing and graphics •statistical and mathematical...

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